May 28, 2022
Woman featured in governor Sonko’s early mourning expose has threatened to commit suicide if the ex- county boss doesnt respect her privacy and deletes the video.

Speaking to Sharks news, Nkatha said that she had trusted the governor who has now betrayed her.

“mimi napenda sonko sana, ata nimewai mpea lakini kitu amenifanyia ni mbaya saana, sitawai msamehea maishani, na asipoitoa hiyo video facebook itabidi nijinyonge. Sonko nimewai mpea adi na kitu yake ni toothpick pia, ananiboooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaa.” Nkatha said

This is the video that annoyed her;
Watch here
Below are exposes where she has been involved in so fa according to governor sonko;

Source: kenyagist

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