Why we decided to pursue BBI to the Supreme Court

We’ve decided to pursue BBI to its logical conclusion.
I’ve been around these things for a while now and I know that some of the most progressive laws in Kenya were never really popular.
A good example being devolution.

Opposed vehemently by that whole backwater called ‘Mt Kenya region’, today, ask them if they’d fold their counties for that receding utopia called ‘imperial presidency’.

We do these things not because we are sure, but because we are right.
I don’t pay much attention to Kalenjins. As a collective, the Kalenjin is like the slow student. Mentally less agile. Ever in need of tuition, or remedial classes, on nationhood.

With patience, the Almighty God and his son Raila Odinga, she won’t be eternally doomed.
Opposed repeal of section 2(a) in the 90s, today she’s one of the greatest beneficiaries of a multi-party democracy she so strenuously resisted.

We carry some people on our backs not because we are strong, but because they are weak.
We’ve learnt a lot from history. What we’ve also learnt is to never forget what we’ve learnt.
Let the Supreme Court decide.

Why we decided to pursue BBI to the Supreme Court

Source: kenyagist