February 2, 2023
Why S.D.A believers have quit going to churches

According to my fellow Adventists I have engaged over the development at our Church, almost all of them are scared with the constant fundraising(s), promotions, several weeks of prayer that comes at a cost, registration and insurance fee for music competition and transport for such events yet no devolve funds back to local Churches…a number are saying, that today if you go to any local SDA Church you will be scared by the high money demand. That they have even devised a method of coercing parents to call their working sons and daughters to send them camp meeting fee(pesa ya makambi/mich kiche) and other Church bills. I remember how Church pastor somewhere kept threatening members to give tithes and offerings failure to which he would promise them bad things. Many of our members are not attending Church services today on this account.

By the way, those monies raised in Church through harambees, promotions such as the camp meeting goal(fee) for every Church should be devolved back to those churches to spur development but they carry everything.

How about the sprouting of churches like mushrooms? Today you find churches constructed in less than 200-300metres radius.

The war at Nairobi Central SDA(Maxwell) is beyond Church register. It’s about leadership wrangles that boils down to financial control. Those at the centre of this war are old people who should be more concerned with eternal life, writing their wills, other than engaging in these embarrassing and petty wars.

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