Why Ruto can’t beat Raila in a free and fair elections, “TINGAAAA”!

By Lee Makwiny via fb

I agree with Felix Were especially his point number three. He opined below..
I saw Robert Alai’s post and this is my take:

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta doesn’t need to campaign for anyone.
2. Uhuru only needs to assure Kenyans that his Government will not rig the election for Ruto or Raila.
3. If you think Ruto can beat Raila Odinga in a free and fair election, I would advise you to stop smoking weed and seek salvation.

4. I agree with Alai on one thing though, it’s a high time for Raila to rebrand, form new political alliances, disassociate himself from the “system” narrative and embark on a serious popularization of ODM.
5. Ruto cannot come close to Raila when it comes to organizing political rallies and creating a fanatical following that can withstand teargas.
6. In an unlikely scenario where UhuRuto shortchanges Raila, tutaandamana, do another handshake and go back to dancing Ohangla. Let other tribes fight for Kenya too.

7. Lastly and most importantly, Luos should focus on electing a new breed of leaders, those who can steer the community to greater economic success. A breed of leaders who can negotiate with the next government, be it Raila’s, Ruto’s Gideon’s or Jimmy’s, for the benefit of Luos.

Why Ruto can’t beat Raila in a free and fair elections, “TINGAAAA”!

Source: kenyagist