Why DP Ruto will see statehouse on viusasa, bound to FAIL!

For Dennis Itumbi to get minutes of a closed door meeting between Raila, Uhuru, Kalonzo and Mudavadi, you either have bugs in the venue or one of these leaders is already working with Ruto.

The two scenarios being unlikely, then you are most likely cleverly spinning your own narrative.

In actual fact, Ruto doesn’t stand the snow ball’s chance in hell of beating the United team of the above leaders.

Why did Ruto support Uhuru in 2013 when Odinga had offered him the same offer he got with Uhuru? The truth is simple. Odinga couldn’t match Uhuru’s billion for a billion.

When next year come and regional kingpins demand to be bribed to marshal their tribes to offer support, Ruto will be a lonely man! Can he match the trio’s (Uhuru, GM and RAO) billion for a billion?

To imagine that hustlers of Kondele will back Ruto when Odinga is in the ballot is naive.

To imagine that the likes of Moses Kuria and Kimani Ichung’wa will mobilize hustlers of Mt. KENYA to offer support to Ruto if he picks a running mate elsewhere is the height of naivety!
Let not even the agikuyu cheering you on hear lie to you. The sons of Mumbi have started trooping back home for that evening meeting( Nyûmba nini îciraga ûtukû) where serious questions are raised. It shall be agreed that mbûri ti marigû! The tribes interests will come first!

To imagine that a UDA Kalenjin-kikuyu ticket will sell away from the two regions; that hustlers of Bungoma will cheer another kikuyu Kalenjin ticket, especially with Raila traversing the same regions doing what he does best, is another height of naivety.

When the rubber meets the road and it soon will, you will realise how dim your chances of winning the presidency is.

Why DP Ruto will see statehouse on viusasa, bound to FAIL!

Source: kenyagist