Why DP Ruto should never resign, not a puppet

By Ndindi Nyori via FB

I saw the Former Prime Minister was on Kikuyu Stations today claiming his “Father resigned when they couldn’t agree with President Jomo Kenyatta” and therefore the Deputy President William Ruto should. Would wish him to understand two things.

1. Whereas Mzee Jaramogi was literally appointed by Mzee Kenyatta, the DP William Ruto was Elected by the people of Kenya. Infact I don’t think the former VP Jaramogi had many options. He would still have been sacked. The only letter of appointment the DP has is the IEBC certificate, Former VPs had “job offers”. It’s dangerous for some leaders to entertain the hangovers of the old order. Actually, many People Elected the ticked of UK and WSR based on their support for the latter. H.E William Ruto can only resign to the People of Kenya, and there is no role or job directed to him by the People of Kenya that he hasn’t fulfilled.

2. The Former Prime Minister would have led by example during the “Nusu Mkeka” and “ata hakuna choo” time by “resigning” instead of whining and sabotaging President Kibaki. It would have been pretty easy since his mandate came specifically from President Kibaki. No one had Elected him to be PM. Double standards and convenient arguments are unsustainable in the long run.

Lastly on a different topic, our leaders need to understand that the DP did his work by consistently advising the President to stick to real legacy tangibles instead of being too stuck on a desperate process of constitutional change. He is not responsible of his advice not being taken.

The promoters of that failed process should lower their “Makasiriko”. The DP is not a judge in the High Court or Court of Appeal.

And I wish and hope the former Prime Minister and other leaders will start selling their agenda to Kenyans. “RUTO” is a person, not an agenda. Why always squander airtime discussing a personality? Ama hakuna kitu ingine ya kusema? Ama hamna plans zingine?

We are African and Africa is our Business..

Why DP Ruto should never resign, not a puppet

Source: kenyagist