October 3, 2022
Exposed: Why DP Ruto carries millions in cash and not write cheque

By Abraham Mutai via FB

Why can’t the Deputy President William Ruto donate money to churches in Cheques or via Bank transfer? Who in 2019 donates money in CASH and in Millions? Isn’t that an insult to the conscience of the rest of us? Conditioning the masses to outdated Moi traditions is incorrigible.

The world over, people have been donating money, even in bigger amounts than what William Ruto has donated. Bill Gates donates several billions in one go. Mark Zuckerberg has donated billions to several charities across the world. Recently, Warren Buffet commited much of his wealth to charity work donating to various charity organizations across the world

Back home, Uhuru Kenyatta donates regularly to various organizations including churches. Raila Odinga does the same. But to them, they never carry cash. They don’t even announce. That’s why you never hear of Raila or Uhuru donating millions here and there. Not that they don’t, but they do, silently and in cheques and bank transfers. Rarely in cash.

But one man, would want to carry all his donations in cash. Donate in cash and in envelopes. This is an old practice used to lure ignorant KENYANS by Retired Dictator Moi. It’s a sign of Madharau na ufedhuli.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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