December 2, 2022
Video: What transpired before war broke between MPs Ndindi Nyoro and Maina Kamanda


1. Hon Maina Kamanda was invited to be a guest at Gitui Catholic Church. He asked some of us to accompany him.
2. We attended as a team; raised our own funds & had 1M from the President. We didn’t speak siasa at all.
3. Everything was going well until Ndindi Nyoro showed up. He insisted he’s the one to invite MPs present. He was told this isn’t possible because as they were Maina Kamanda’s guests.
4. Ndindi then had a scuffle with the leadership of the Harambee – AND HIT A POLICE OFFICER a blow on his chest.
5. The Father took over; stopped the drama. Hon Kamanda was then invited to collected money from all guests. He handed in the President’s 1M, his own 500M, & CS Macharia’s 200k. Ndindi gave 200k
6. The function ended.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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