February 2, 2023
What Governor Laboso, family and county communication team failed in terribly

By Abraham Mutai

Joyce Laboso’s sickness was kept a secret to the last minute. Her condition was national security even to the people who elected her. The people who VOTED for her. And all they were being told was “She is stable and recovering.” This actually was a BIG FAT LIE. Her condition was deteriorating and she was dying. Her people deserved to know given that she was a public officer. She was insincere even in the face of death. She lied all through to her grave. Well, some of you might have strong emotions at the moment but truth must be discussed in black and white. That’s why we are here to speak it. Public or state officers have a duty to KEEP the citizens informed of their condition till the inevitable happens. This is what our Kibra hero did to the end. He was with us. Taking pictures, attending meetings even in his last moments, he made sure the Kibra people knew what was up. This is how strong leaders make sure they leave an indelible mark on the people they lead. The people of Bomet don’t even know what their governor was ailing from. This is UNACCEPTABLE situation to put people through. Yes, people will say, health is a private issue and she was not obligated, but those who say that are ignorant. You can only keep us in the dark if you are a private citizen. And that is the essence of governance.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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