Uhuru, allies dare DP Ruto to resign

By Jerome Ogolla via FB

UHURU has now unleashed his attack T9, Mucheru on his DP


The ICT CS, an old man who looks like a young boy, or is it a young boy who looks like an old man, viciously attacked the DP, digging his teeth deep into his flesh, stating that the DP drugging the youth with a lethal concoction of religion and class wars


Some of us believe the 2013 elections were won by Rayila and even the courts we are presently told stands for the people, affirmed that position, by nulifiying the election on grounds that the procedure contravened the constitution


If that was the case, then Jubilee victory was a snatched one. When someone snatches your wife and marries her and you hear they are now squabbling and fighting daily, you kneel down and thank the deity for fighting your war


The gods of political madness, previously mating by the river have now moved to the market, doing their thing there. Expect more bizarre happenings in the political terain, as elections inch closer, by the day


Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters







Uhuru, allies dare DP Ruto to resign

Source: kenyagist