September 28, 2022

By Jerome Ogola

UDA candidate won the Kiambaa by elections by a nose
JUBILEE candidate won the Muguga by elections by the skin of a tooth
Whereas Jubilee saved it’s behind from an UDA flogging in Muguga, in Kiambaa, UDA did save it’s sitting allowances from a thorough spanking by Jubilee

I see indeed we serve a living Wanyonyi. Remember prior, we had prayed and fasted for a divided mountain
From the elections results, it is safe to conclude that the mountain is divided right in the middle

Remember, the prevailing Jubilee ineptitude is a product of a united mountain. When the mountain unites, Kenya loses BIG
The mountain is now split in the middle like the buttocks of a homo sapien. We thank Wanyonyi for answering our prayers
Remember, Mulembe set the pace for this. They are ever divided and that the exact ingredient Kenya needs to develop
The only impediment to Kenya’s deliverance is the lake and the valley

Guys from the valley are still hoisting wheelbarrows in markets, and looking at it, like Israelites did with the “nyoka ya shaba” while naively imagining their salvation will come from it

Guys from the shores of Nam Lolwe have become the proverbial house fly that follows a corpse to the grave
Two decades of feeding on oranges without any tangible benefits, the lake isn’t yet convinced that the fruit has become their albino elephant, that which they invest so much in, but gets nothing in return

Thank you mountain for dividing yourself. It is all Kenya needs and redemption is nigh. Remember, the machinations of the Kikuyu hegemony has never been of benefit to the hoi polloi of the region, but the oligarchs who call the shots

The masses wake up to the same challenges as every Kenyan, without any reprieve for “being in the government”, whatever that means
Otherwise, congratulations Ciku for winning in Kiambaa and congratulations (I’ve forgotten his name) for winning Muguga

For those who have no idea what Nam Lolwe is, it is that huge mass of water that straddles the frontiers of three countries, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, that which British explorer John Hanning Speke came, asked the locals for directions, found his way there, and even found my grandfather Adoyo swimming in it’s un-poluted water, but stil went ahead to discover it and named it Lake Victoria, in honor of an aging granny from his home
Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

UDA candidate won the Kiambaa by elections by a nose


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