August 11, 2022
Breaking: TV anchor Esther Arunga jailed for 10 months for lying in son’s murder probe

Kenyan Sister , Former Presenter Esther Arunga escapes jail Term, sentenced to 10 months on parole!

Arunga is said to have lied about circumstances under which her son suffered fatal injuries that led to his death at a family home she jointly owned with husband, Quincy Timberlake, in Brisbane Australia, in June 2014. Arunga, 38 and former KTN News anchor is set to be sentenced on Thursday (18.07.19), according to the Australian Associated Press (AAP).
Sinclair’s father, Timberlake, was Monday (15.07.19) charged with the murder of the three-year-old with his mother Esther Timberlake pleading guilty to being an accessory to the murder. According to AAP, a Crown prosecutor told the court Arunga called emergency services just before 2 am on June 18, 2014, when the controversial murder occurred.

Danny Boyle told the court the 38-year-old told the court she Arunga told the paramedics her son had fallen down the stairs. An autopsy, however, revealed that Sinclair died “as a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar,” the AAP reported on Monday.
His injuries, the agency reported, were inconsistent with a fall. Boyle told the court Arunga diverted attention from her husband for almost a month and that she only changed her story after Timberlake was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric facility.

“She told police she went into the bathroom on the night of June 17 to find Quincy hitting Sinclair in the stomach,” AAP reported. “He then threw him against the wall,” Arunga is quoted as having told investigators. According to Arunga, Timberlake kept saying “there’s a devil in his (Sinclair’s) stomach, I have to get it out”.

The former news presenter told the court she was afraid to speak because she was afraid of Timberlake who had a strong arm which even an adult couldn’t withstand a punch from. “I was terrified of being alone and I felt terrible because my husband was sick as well,” she told the police.

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