Top Police officers in distress as DPP goes after them- see details

The Director of Public Prosecution, Noordin Haji, has launched investigations against senior police officers accused of issuing illegal directives to their juniors.

Haji, on Monday, August 9, stated that he was reviewing old cases – where junior officers, arraigned and jailed – with the intention of ascertaining whether they were acting under orders or duress.

The DPP alleged that junior officers shouldered the burden in cases involving extra judicial matters and misuse of firearms while the bosses enjoyed their freedom.

“Most of the time when the junior officers commit crimes, they are arrested and prosecuted while their bosses go scot free.

“You would find, at times, the juniors had been given command, we want to go back and review the cases,” Haji stated.

In February 2019, a Kisumu court ruled that the National Police Service (NPS) was liable for the death of six-month-old Baby Samantha Pendo who passed away during the highly contested 2017 General Election.

Resident Magistrate Beryl Omollo stated that evidence adduced in court overwhelmingly indicted senior police officers into the minor’s murder. The baby was reportedly clobbered to death.

The court also ordered action and disciplinary measures taken against 30 General Service Unit officers deployed to quell riots in Nyalenda, Kisumu County.

“The officers who were involved in clobbering the baby must have been acting on a command of their bosses, we want to bring them to account,” Haji vowed.

In Baby Pendo’s case, Haji is reviewing the file and seeking to take action against Chief Inspector John Thiringi, Inspector Lina Kogey, Senior Superintendent Christopher Mutune Maweu and Commissioner of Police Titus Yoma.

This was among the high-profile cases the DPP was looking into, ranging from corruption, misuse of power and extra-judicial killings.

Haji, in July 2021, ordered his officers to submit all high-profile cases to him for review before suspects are arraigned.

Top Police officers in distress as DPP goes after them- see details

Source: kenyagist