January 29, 2023

By Paul Musyimi

The President has State House, The DP has Official Residence in Karen, the Ambassadors have their Embassy Residences, Foxes have their dens and Birds have nests, but *where is the Governor of Nairobi County supposed to lay his head for the night?*

Where can you *go see Nairobi Govenor after the dark?* Where can Nairobi Govenor host a Formal County Dinner? Where can County Dignitaries be received in the evening? Where can Nairobi County Executive to call official home after 5:00PM?

Many were protesting when *Governor Sonko went to his rural Mua Hills Home* after his personal Nairobi Home Residence was sabotaged by cartels. So why not get an official home for the Governor where we as Nairobians can go offer him security in case his life is under threat?

True, Governor *Sonko may be too modest to demand* an Official Residence. It will even likely be opposed by cartels and others as unnecessary waste, but is it? I believe the idea of an *Official Nairobi Governor’s Residence* is long overdue.

Surely, it may cost us a couple of millions. But I think *it will compensate in the savings* on hotel lounges hiring costs. And we certainly need a *unifying symbol* of the Sovereignty of Nairobi County Residents as vested in their Governor.

We can *start by hiring a good and befitting Residence right away.* Long term we should put up one maybe along Eastern or Southern By-Pass or Mathare South (Muthaiga) so that even Eastlands can boast hosting power.

*What do you THINK?*

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