May 28, 2022
This is how best to describe socialite Amber Ray

By S N via FB
I am chatting with an older male friend about the reptilian lifestyle of some Nairobians.

We talking about women who are 8-9-10. And their male equivalents: millionaires and billionaires.
There are these ladies whose Facebook and Instagram portrays a jetsetting lifestyle, but if you asked them what they do for a living, they can’t describe it with one or two words.

On the hand, you have millionaire boyfriends who fund such lifestyles. The millionaire boyfriends are mostly, wheeldealers, tendepreneurs, fake goldsellers and half the men who live in Kilimani, enjoying their father’s inheritance, or working as gigolos.
These folks live a very interesting lifestyle. You find them on a Monday morning, leisurely driving their Range Rover in the suburbs. Almost always in ugly sweatpants or ill-fitting gym gear. You will find them in upscale coffee shops on Monday morning drinking something that you always wonder who orders that in the menu.

About their kept women. These are the girls having swell time. A relation recently told me, such girls have a well-stocked fridge, go to the best beauty parlous in the city and their skin care routine alone is what I pay for rent in my dusty hood.
They always shop at Chandarana, or the new Naivas past JKIA with fancy lights.

Their fathers wouldn’t know what the daughter does for a living. Even if he knew, it is what it is. Their mothers, well, unless she is a Christian, it is the least of their worries.

The good thing with these type of girls is that they don’t have time for Facebook arguments. All they do is share good pics about themselves and the places they visit. And by doing so, they know they have locked away 99 percent of the men and they know the men they target.

It is an interesting lifestyle. Some are able to sustain it. I call them, the Ronaldo category. Beauty is only when it comes with brains. Some as they grow older, they are able to negotiate their way into business deals. They are able to transition into politics (there are always jobs for such girls in political circles).

However, for those who don’t know how to read the signs of times, the fall from grace to grass can be calamitous.
Back to the men. Money without brains is also just as bad. There are men who invest in such good life, but have no long term plan. For those with family, they know how to balance provision and protect for family, vis-a-vis their rendezvous. However, the worst are those who party every day like it is the summer of 1969, only to fall through bad times, and live the rest of their lives trapped in the good times, if alcohol or drugs don’t knock them down.

It is a wonderful aspect of life when money engages beauty. And at the extreme ends, there is a lot of literature and anthropology we can learn about the human nature.

It is extremely rosy. And thorny as hell.
POSTSCRIPT: This post is purely an observation, and does not in any way invite insults on either gender about their choices.

This is how best to describe socialite Amber Ray


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