October 3, 2022
The impact of Kenyatta family’s Brookside milk monopoly on the dairy farmers

By Abraham Mutai

Currently the Firm has lowered the producer price of milk to as low as ks 25 and worst still in the last one week they dropped some of the farmer groups that have been supplying them with milk. if the issue is not addressed the Country might find itself in the scenario where farmers are forced to pour their milk for lack of alternative.

Further, the Country Dairy Milk Market is currently infiltrated by milk from our neighbouring Country (Uganda), unconfirmed figures suggest that the imports are as high as 400,000 litres of Milk per day. The Kenyan milk is left to fight for the remaining markets, if you do a survey most of the Local processor have huge stocks of processed milk with no market to sell. Least we forget the Kenyan Dairy farmers has to contend with the high cost of production as compared to their Neighbours, there have been suggestions that the cost of production in Uganda and Tanzania could be as low as ksh. 9, thus if the market is left open Kenyan farmers cannot compete. This is the reason as to why Broadside is able to import cheap milk from Uganda while reducing the local supply.

Based on the above from a farmer, kindly anyone with information in this sector get in touch. Let us set about advocating for every sector in Kenya. Let us all fix this country

Source: kenyagist.COM

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