September 28, 2022

By Jerome Ogola via FBtrong>
PRESIDENCY belongs to a community and it is worthy to fight tooth and nail, just to bring it home. It is worth, to invest your emotions in it

It is worthy to hate and even attack your a fellow poor man, from the other tribe, so that the rich man from your tribe can win the seat
For 24 years Moi, was the president of Kenya. An imperial president with absolute power
Indeed his community gained so much

His home county, Baringo, is the wealthiest in poverty. It is the ancestral home of famine and the headquarters of banditry in the world and the official residence of malaria

The terrain is hostile for human habitation because it lacks infrastructure and amenities that can drive development
There are more tears than water, which is scarce and health facilities are almost non existent
KCC the milk processor which bought farmers milk to earn farmers a livelihood was defiled to death, under Moi’s own supervision
The only people who benefited from his tenure are his immediate family members, who accumulated much to last them eons, without breaking a sweat to toil

Someome joked and it could be true, that Moi is the only person with a bank ATM in his home
He even owns a bridge called Moi’s Bridge, making him the only person in the world to own one
Let no one mislead you that, that you are in the government. That’s a fallacy. It is only the leader, and his wife and mistresses, who are in the government

Stop hallucinating that you are in when you are out, in fact, far away, in the bushes where like everyone else, you are very vulnerable to hyenas called the effects of poor governance ocassioned by your tribesman

You don’t need your tribesman to be president because only a statesman will have an impact on your life. Sadly, I can’t see any statesman, since our only hope, Mukhisa Kituyi, our only hope, launched his veined manifesto

We on our own. It is a matter of choosing which hyena to eat you!
End of the morning rant
Great morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

THE CURSE of a president coming from your community; case of Baringo and Mt Kenya


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