Tension at Mediamax as employees decry threats and intimidation over salary deductions

Mediamax Network Limited, a company associated with the family of President Uhuru Kenyatta has not returned the50% deduction they forced in the employees when Covid-19 struck last year.

Tha managent, which was among the first ones to implement salary reduction when the pandemic struck, has totally refused to add the deducted salaries to their employees.

Despite promise and hope from the workers that they will have their payments restored, it is now 16 months and counting since the employees were subjected to wage reduction.

Sources have told kenyagist.com that several attempts to talk about the matter have been met with threats from the directors who include Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja, himself a former journalist and media owner.

Most media companies in the country have since restored the salaries, which was far much lower than the 50% that Mediamax effected.

For example, Standard Media Group, Capital, Nation Media and RAG have rstored their salaries, which were reduced at manageable rates between 10% to 30%.

This week, to hide the predicaments of the employees and the same of their decision not to pay well, the management sent out a memo that was full of threats over conversations about the salaries.

“I have decided that my salary was reduced for very flimsy reasons. Now, I have learnt to live with this salary as my official. I don’t think they are even interested in restoring the old one. I have to lead a dog’s life because our management wanted an easy way to reduce our salaries,” a journalist at the media house said.