May 28, 2022

Jerome Ogola says: The wisest man in a busaa drinking party observed that two homo sapiens of different gender who have inhaled dangerous gases exhaled by each other, from the exhaust pipe, don’t just separate that easily. This is Mr Chap chap and his estranged awendo, today. The magic is in the gas of the exhaust. Sasa wacha niende busaa

Yobesh Onsomu says: Another sage further observed and concluded that when these species of opposite genders go their separate ways, it doesn’t mean that their omieri and thatched ATM have differed. They can always meet for a rematch.

Wandabwa Mukhebi: I think she put him in the battle a long time ago and even if he tries to go, like chicken, will always hover around.

Vincent Langat: It’s true, the exhaust pipe gases have a bonding effect stronger than the Van Der Waals bond????????????
Niulize, I know!

Ksb Reborn: I have been saying it for a very long time, two people who have smelled each other’s NH³ cannot easily be separated! ????????

Source: kenyagist

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