January 29, 2023


Photographer extraordinaire, Lyra Aoko is super great at two things; capturing moments and people with her camera and rocking the short hair look.

Lyra first rose into the limelight after winning the Samsung Zikistar search in 2011, a singing competition. She would however end up branch off into photography which she says was her true calling. Years later, Lyra has managed to build a name for herself as one of the most talented photographers and creatives in the country.

I must admit though, you cannot mention Lyra without appreciating her many hairstyles and her beauty. Like, what’s not to like about this soft-spoken lady whose hairstyles are forever transitional? One of the styles we totally love on her are her short hairstyles. Lyra changes the look by coloring the hair or changing the haircut design.

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I once cut my hair and I did not particularly look like the next fashion IT girl lol but in my defense, I had no clue on what to do with my new short hair and soon, I got bored of the look and grew my hair out. But, I’m definitely wiser. If I do cut my hair again, I now know what to do to achieve different looks. If you’re thinking about cutting your hair, draw some inspiration from Lyra on how to rock short natural hairstyles:

1. A super short cut.


Lyra Aoko short hair (Lyra Aoko)


2. A style with a bit of volume.


Lyra Aoko photographed at Uber Eats Launch in Nairobi (Lyra Aoko)


3. Pretty Bantu knots anyone?


Lyra Aoko rocking Bantu Knots (Lyra Aoko)


4. Bold in purple hair.


Lyra Aoko purple hair (Lyra Aoko)


5. Stunning in a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) hairstyle.


Lyra Aoko short hairstyle-TWA (Lyra Aoko)


6. Daring to be bald.


Photographer Lyra Aoko clean shaven look (Lyra Aoko)


7. The Samurai top braid bun with purple highlights.


Lyra Aoko top braid bu with shaven sides hairstyle (Lyra Aoko)


8. Do blondes have more fun?


Lyra Aoko blonde haircut (Lyra Aoko)



9. Short dark purple hair.


Aoko Creative owner, Lyra Aoko’s purple hairstyle (Lyra Aoko)

Which is your fav?

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