Ruto cannot stop Reggae. Raggae is a philosophy and an ideology

Ruto cannot stop Reggae. Raggae is a philosophy and an ideology.

Lucky Dube in his song Nobody can stop Raggee sings they tried to kill the prophets but the message remained.

In the history of black man struggle, reggae music became the cornerstone of inspiration in struggle for freedom, good governance, justice and fairness

Similarly, Peter Tosh sings about one love. Love beyond any boundary, race or class.

Bob Marley sings emancipate for your mental slavery and talk of redemption.

From the three artists, the message is the same and universal. Freedom, good governance and justice.

Just from the recent court of appeal ruling, it cannot be assumed that it did stop raggae but it provided the window to make it better.

After years of conflict and blood birth after every successive elections, a solution had to be found out.

This culminated into President Uhuru Kenyatta and prime minister to inculcate one love ideology in the country through handshake.

The handshake was meant to end bitter rivalries and winner take it all mentality and blood bath.

It was a sacrifice to Kenya for a new Kenya. Just as founding fathers Kenyatta and Odinga sacrificed for the good of the nation in pre and post independence, the scions have come together to fulfil the dream and complete the journey.

Ask yourself did William Ruto support the handshake?

Why did he oppose one love ideology by the two leaders?

What is his view on one love for Kenya?

Why has Ruto opposed the constitutional changes from 2012 to 2020? What does he have at the back of his mind?

From the handshake Kenyans have witnessed massive development and we are nolonger a country of street demos and blood bath mainly because of one love ideology.

Reggae can never die and nobody can stop it. It is an ideology which is timeless.

Raila is part and parcel of raggae ideology having been in the struggle, Detained suffered and his family dehumanised for the sake of justice, fairness and good governance.

Ask yourself, has Ruto been part of any struggle?

No he has been part of kanu youth 1992.

What has been his struggle history for good governance, justice, fairness and fight against corruptions in the country?

He cannot be part of an ideology and philosophy that he doesn’t understand and belong to.

Has he ever been arrested and charged in court? And for what crime?

Just like Bob Marley sings emancipate for your mental slavery and redemption.

Raila pursuit of constitutional change is not for individual gain but public and national gain.

Today , we can speak openly and castigate the government with our fear?
Why because of the struggle by Raila and other freedom fighters.

Today courts can make tough rulings and are independent and this is purely because of the struggle of Raila and others.

Ruto after the supreme court ruling came out in his true colour with threats to the judges. How come he has changed so soon and now gloryfying the same system he didn’t believe in.

How comes now he believes in the independence of the judiciary.
That is a chameleon strategy.

Lucky Dube sings they tried to kill the prophets but nobody can stop reggae.

The constitutional change will not stop with court ruling.

It is a process that will continue every moment.

Ruto has been the main beneficiary to constitutional changes in the country.

Security of tenure of office, and other advantages in the 2012 constitution is what he has been enjoying.

During the struggle for independence, the freedom fighters had dreadlocks. In reggae culture dreadlocks is a sense of identity and oneness.

There seems to be a point of convergence between reggae and freedom fighters in Kenya.

Does Ruto believe in one love and redemption?

Ruto cannot stop Reggae. Raggae is a philosophy and an ideology

Source: kenyagist