February 2, 2023
Replace CS Rotich for efficiency and trust on graft fight- Hon. Mudavadi

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, on Monday, spoke out regarding whether he would be willing to take up the Treasury Cabinet Secretary position – a role he had served previously as Minister.

His remarks came after the arrest of the current CS, Henry Rotich, who is expected to be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

When being asked if he would take up the position if offered by president Uhuru Kenyatta, Mudavadi stated, “Let everybody know that I am okay serving as the opposition leader at ANC and I will not take up and position in government.”

“I have stated categorically I am firmly in opposition and there are issues I can commend the government for and there are issues I criticize the government for issues like public debt,” he affirmed.

Referring to President Uhuru’s remarks earlier in the year during the State of the Nation Address, the ANC leader added that any government official implicated in a graft case should step aside to allow for investigations.

“Uhuru made a statement and pronounced that if an official of government finds that he is in court to answer to a pronouncement, he expects the individual to leave voluntarily or he would remove them and I support that,” he explained.

Noting that Uhuru had also once served as the Minister of Finance, Mudavadi noted that an interim hire was crucial to ensure that signing of any financial requirements.

“Uhuru understands the CS Treasury position is a very important portfolio in signing of any financial requirements, so he can gazette somebody to act in the interim while he makes up his mind on who he wishes to be in that docket,” he advised.

He conveyed that suspects had not been convicted yet adding that the investigators have come up with what they believe is reasonable enough to take them to court

“Taking someone to court is a serious development and for someone to see it as a charade is like trying to pour cold water on the agencies,” he stated.

Mudavadi was the Minister of Finance from 1993-1997.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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