Raila needs just 10% of Mt Kenya voters, the Kikuyus who will VOTE for Baba 2022

Raila needs just 10% of Mt Kenya voters, the Kikuyus who will VOTE for Baba 2022

By Andrew Muiga via FB

It’s now official. All intelligent analysis suggest that Raila Odinga only needs 10% of Central Kenya votes. How easy is it to achieve that, where will the votes come from, who is this from Central Kenya who will vote for Raila Odinga a region that is traditionally known to be hostile to him.

First there are those who have always voted for Raila. History has proven that Raila is the only politician who can get pockets of votes from almost every part of Kenya.

There are those who could not vote for Raila in the past not because of his deficiency in political substance but strictly due to the “kímúndú” factor. That has been washed away courtesy of the handshake and some of those people have had a change of heart.

There are those who are waiting for UHURU Kenyatta to give direction. All indications are that UHURU Kenyatta will say “Tinga Tosha”.
Last but not least there are those who had a Damascus moment recently when they heard that “Solomon killed Goliath… ndunga sindano kwa kipooole, tibu kwa kipooole” and realized that the other side is just a scam, to them it’s just fun, games and scheming. This group represents the people who will get converted along the way before we reach 2022 as the other side reveals it’s true colors.
Raila Odinga might even get 20% of central vote. We are gonna win yuuuge.


“ndikenjerwo mbuí gúkú” meaning I will not have my grey hairs cut while still in this homestead. This was a popular saying way back before slay queens roamed the earth by old women when they felt that their husbands were assuming them or were getting ambitious and were about to bring in a second wife. These were attention seeking tactics that often fell on the husbands deaf ears. To actualize her threats the old lady would gather her few belongings put them in a kiondo and leave. She would beat a few rounds around the market then return home. The hot headed one would go to her father’s homestead now occupied by her brothers spend the night and return to her matrimonial home the following day. On the way home she would reminisce about the good old days, how men drooled when she shook her tail feathers at the village dance during full moon just after the harvest, how more eligible suitors asked for her hand but she had to end up with her ugly current husband. Maybe she should not have been too quick to accept his romantic overtures.

That’s exactly where we’re with the deputy president he might be regretting accepting Uhuru’s hand so quickly without taking time to examine other offers. When he forms Jubilee Asili, moves in for a day then goes back to the original Jubilee in Pangani, he is just seeking attention. When they say they have 45 political parties waiting in the wings, they are just seeking attention. When all the above have failed to achieve the intended purpose they are now seeking reconciliation. But there’s a hitch, the man of the family has moved on and already taken a second bride. Whoever seeks reconciliation must understand that he can only come in to a position lower than that of the new bride.

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