May 28, 2022
Putting CRA Revenue sharing formula in perspective

The Senate of Kenya under Article 217 of the Constitution receives recommendation from Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA) and has the mandate to adopt that or other formula as a Senate of Kenya.

Members of the Senate are aware of the far-reaching implications of the 3rd basis formula for Counties that are negatively impacted by having a reduction of their funds as per the 2019/2020 allocation. A total of 19 Counties fall into this category and some of these are in the Coast and Northern Kenya.

Senators from the Coast are unified in efforts for improving the allocation of funds to their Counties, together with Senators from other some gaining and some losing Counties. Senators are working round the clock to reach a formula that will ensure equitable distribution of funds to all Counties and safe guard the allocation to the Counties so that no County loses.

I want to urge politicians, some whom we have heard speaking recently and seeking populism while disparaging ODM Party to desist. Fairness is what we are trying to work on and we shall endeavor to see to it that no County loses from the 2020/2021 Ksh. 316.5 Billion allocated to Counties for sharing.

Sen (Dr) Agnes Zani
ODM Deputy Secretary General

Putting CRA Revenue sharing formula in perspective


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