Plans to sack PS Kibicho, Matiangi revealed- see details

By Dennis Itumbi via fb

Jubilee Party and Mt Kenya Region
The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) declassifies PART TWO of the Flamingo Meeting

1. Avoid dividing Mt Kenya vote block further by elevating PNU and other parties. PNU should be considered as an alternative party or Plan B.

2. Jubilee Party should be revived and used as the dominant political vehicle in Mt Kenya Region.
3. Retire prominent leaders associated with the mess at Jubilee such as Tuju and Murathe.
4. Sec-Gen/CEO of the new Jubilee Party should he headhunted the way Jaramogi Oginga Odinga head-hunted Kibaki from Makerere to head KANU.

5. The next Sec-Gen of the Jubilee party should be an extremely able leader with competencies in leadership, political campaigns, strategic thinking, communication; a respected personality who has achieved something tangible in his or her field. The office should function as an Executive Director/CEO

6. A Jubilee Revival Strategy should be prepared by a team of experts and politicos.

Noting that Jubilee is a national party, some proposed names of a 7 Member Team include:
1. Sen. Leshore
2. Hon. Yusuf Hassan
3. Tom Macharia
4. Mr. Mworia
5. Hon. Amina Abdalla
6. Ms. Gitau and
7. Mr. Mbaria a young leader.
7. A new structure of the party should be developed and implemented right from the grassroots. In 2016, there was talk that Jubilee would borrow party structures/organization from the Communist Party of China. This linkage should be revived and strengthened.
8. Jubilee party should start recruiting delegates on the ground in a process to culminate in a delegates conference in which major changes can be announced. This can happen within a space of one to two months. The Party should start recruiting members for a political party is nothing without members.
9. Jubilee Women and Youth Leagues should be revamped and energized to bring in fresh blood into the party and connect with the two critical constituencies.
5. Lessons from Kiambaa
1. Better coordination is needed for future political campaigns. In Kiambaa, there were FIVE disparate campaign teams that did know that the other was doing.
2. Undertake internal reforms to ensure campaign resources are not misappropriated by individuals entrusted with the campaign.
3. JP party should ensure nomination processes produce the best candidate.
4. THIS SIDE OF POLITICS CANNOT AFFORD NOT to control the Security apparatus – WE MUST CONTROL the provincial administration and all the branches of the police. (HNIB Emphasis)
5. This side of politics should get a better handle on the IEBC, especially regarding TECHNOLOGY and staff at HQ and in the field.
1. Infuse political leadership at OP. ( Basically remove one or both between the RUARAKA THIEF and the La-Murder PS)
This move will ensure we CONTROL Security Apparatus and also the IEBC Field team
2. Support and give oxygen to the MPs and Political Leaders affiliated to Jubilee and the President. This would ensure we keep/retain our numbers and attract more defectors.
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Plans to sack PS Kibicho, Matiangi revealed- see details

Source: kenyagist