December 4, 2022
Nyamira Junior Officer PHILIP MACHUKI NYANUMBA enjoys police protection as he terrorises Nairobians

By Joseph Ongori

Mr. PHILIP MACHUKI NYANUMBA has been reported as one of the deadliest land grabbers in Nairobi. The individual who currently works as Deputy Directions Finance at the Health docket in Nyamira County has gone on a spending and terrorising rumpage to amass an explained wealth.

According to our reliable sources, the 60-year old man boasts of his connections in government. Among his alledged connections include State house, DCI, Ethics And Anti-Corruption, Ministry of Lands and other.
The notorious serial land grabber is said to operate in Embakasi, Ruai and Utawala and he is said to control the police bosses.

According to residents, his possible targets include helpless vulnerable people like widows and old women who have no strength to fight back. Being the ‘Big Man” he is, the man grabs land with impunity and get away with it.

It is also reported that he works in cahoots with some directors of Embakasi Ranching Company to grab land.

Reliable sources say he has amassed massive wealth within a short period despite his meager salary. His wealth declaration forms for past 2 years do not indicate the properties and buildings he has acquired in the last few years.

Mr. Nyanumba controls the police. As a result, he is assigned 4 bodyguards who offer him security 24/7 at the behest of the tax payer despite the fact that he is a junior officer in Nyamira County Government .

Source: kenyagist.COM

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