Mudavadi, Wetangula WARNED: The price of betraying the poor and the SYSTEM is too grave, see what happened to past sellouts

I hear today, 43 years ago, the torches of Argwings Kodhek, JM Kariuki, Pio Gama Pinto and Thomas Jospeh Mboya went off simultaneously from their graves

For those with the memory of a warthog, the late Argwings Kodhek, a Makerere and South Wales trained barrister was the very first indeginous advocate and also among the very fast Kenyans to marry a muzungu
He died in a suspect road accident in the city in 1969

JM Kariuki on the other hand was Kenyatta’s PA and later, MP for Nyandarua. He drank from the pot of corruption, wiped his mouth cleverly and then crossed over and climbed to the rooftop with a trumpet to decry rampant corruption
His noise from the rooftop attracted his former eating mates, who ganged up, abducted him at the Hilton, killed him and donated his body to the hyenas of Ngong, as a present in 1975. Very sad

Pio Gama Pinto was a Goan journalist and activist whom the big man suspected to be too close to Jaramogi and sent his men to kill him on 26th February 1965. Following a public outcry, the same big man faked innocence and ordered the police commissioner one Bernard Hinga to arrest and prosecute the killers, immediately

Knowing too well who had killed Pinto, the police commissioner went to the streets of Nairobi and arrested the poorest man his eyes caught. Kisilu Mutua a handcart pusher was charged with the murder and sentenced to hang, but the sentence was later commuted into a life sentence
The Hoof-Eater stayed in jail for 36 years, until 2001 when he was set free by Moi on power of mercy. He was recently awarded ksh 2.5 M for wrongful detention

TJ Mboya, born in a sisal plantation in Kilimambogo, was a brilliant politician and trade unionist. He ate with the devil but forgot to use a long spoon as advised of those dining with the devil

The devil latter sent a Nahashon Njenga for his soul, which the latter delivered on 5th July 1969. Nahashon Njenga was arrested, arraigned in court and charged with the murder. He was subsequently executed for the crime

A few years latter he was spotted in Zambia, drinking his favourite beer and dancing with prostitutes. George Morara, the West Mugirango MP who saw him, and even talked to him, died in a suspect road accident immediately he returned to Kenya

Their torches went off simultaneously today 43 years ago. I hear the torches of Tito Adungosi, Hezekiah Ochuka, Alexander Kipsang Muge, Robert Ouko Seda, are also blinking and it won’t be long before they go off

Great evening my fellow hoof eaters!!

By Jerome Ogola via FB

Mudavadi, Wetangula WARNED: The price of betraying the poor and the SYSTEM is too grave, see what happened to past sellouts

Source: kenyagist