September 28, 2022

Photo: United Nations rapporteur general Maina Kiai in a past event with civil society leaders. He is the most trusted Kenyan in human rights matters, a nationalist, Pan Africanists and UN ambassador, he was classmate of President Obama at Harvard Law school
By Silas Nyanchwani via FB

Those with political brains insist that Central Kenya(read Kiuks) will blindside everyone with a very qualified presidential frontrunner who will throw into the spanner of the works of Raila Odinga and Dr. William Samoei Ruto.

That is in the likely event Uhuru Kenyatta fails to succeed himself, one way or another.
Almost all the bright minds I know insist that nobody can tell what is up in the political hat of Uhuru and the know Kiambu Mafia.
But what has been bothering me is fairly simple, up to 2017, Jimmy Wanjigi was the all the powerful, behind the scenes powerbroker and wheeldeler. A man of power and means. What informed him to come out in the open and even declare that he wants to run as a president?
Is it some political chicanery? Is it personal ambition that looks at politics as the highest source of happiness, otherwise known as Eudaimonia according to Aristotle? What gives?

2022 elections are the toughest to predict. With a powerful and young incumbent with the ability to meddle with the constitution, an all powerful deputy with blazing ambition, an opposition leader with an impossible ability to reinvent, like an hydra, and a dozen has-beens who still call the shots, the fight between the Deep State and those who will unite out of a fall out may give us a scenario like the one in 2022.

Many fear though that if the government is not very careful, the fall out may have some really nasty repurcussions.
I am on the front seat to observe. I have voted I have voted in three presidential elections. I have lost in all 3. This time round, I wanna be on the winning side.

Mt Kenya will dump DP Ruto, SHOCK everyone by presenting a VERY QUALIFIED 2022 candidate


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