January 29, 2023

Jubilee party has been split with a vicious war surfacing over the war on corruption with DP Ruto’s allies feeling that they are unfairly being targeted in the war.

According to Sunday Nation, the MPs who are mostly from Ruto’s Rift Valley home turf and pastoralist communities are now planning an all-out war against members of Kenyatta’s kitchen cabinet who they blame for their woes.

Leader of majority in parliament Aden Duale confirmend that all Jubilee leaders support the war on corruption but warned of “powerful people” using the media and constitutional bodies to smear political leaders.

“We will support the President on this endeavor…We are, however, wary of people out there using the media and also deploying the State machinery to settle political scores. The institutions must not allow themselves to be used by others to score political points,” Dule said

A well-placed source in DP Ruto’s camp revealed to the newspaper that “You can clearly see that some of these actions follow a predictable pattern. We may have chosen to remain silent for now but if things continue this way, our gloves will be off.”

The disgruntled camp has threatened to say what they know about corruption in high places should the trend continue.

If the claims are true, the unfair victimization is not good for the DP’s image and could leave him an isolated man if some of his vicious supporters are dragged through the mud of corruption.

DP Ruto’s allies claim that although the war on graft is good for the country, it should not be used to settle political scores and derail DP Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions.

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