Mama Ibado Charity donates annual supply of sanitary pads, under garments to a girls’ rescue center

Kenyans Charity Group Mama Ibado has extended its sanitary pads and pants donation drive to the Kenyan Coastal counties in a bid to reach out to more needy girls and redeem their dignity in the society.

The Charity organization has today announced it will begin supporting girls at Alwalidayn Girls Rescue Center with provision of sanitary towels and undergarments.

The Kwale-based child-care residential institution houses 150 infant to teen girls who are orphaned, abused, trafficked and forced into early marriages.

Currently, the rescue center has 45 girls who are menstruating with each requiring a minimum of two and maximum of five packets of pads a month. This number the center CEO says is expected to rise, piling expense pressure.

“Aside from the basic needs that are adequately provided for and all the children’s rights are met, the provision of sanitary towels is an expensive affair. Thus, the collaboration with Mama Ibado Charity will relieve the load and worry of catering for the sanitary towels and whatever provision of the budget that was set aside for it could be used to cater for other expenses such as academic materials, clothing among other basic items.” said Center CEO, Ms.Fatma Bakthir.

Alwalidayn offers girls all basic needs and equips them with academic and economic knowledge to help them navigate through life once they exit the center.

Renowned aviation company, 748 Air Services has donated plane tickets to Mama Ibado Charity in support of this worthy cause of keeping the girl child in school.
Recently, Fly 748 flew MIC team to participate in the distribution of sanitary towels to more than 300 girls in Kakamega County.
In addition, 748 Air services and staff have donated over Sh 500,000 ($5000) in funding on a monthly basis to provide balanced meals for seniors in Isiolo and Kakamega Counties.
“748 Air services is playing a role towards achieving UN SDG goal number 2 of zero hunger, goal number 4 -Quality education-by leveling the playing field such that the girl child can stay in school and also receive quality education. I would also like to inform our esteemed clients that by flying “Fly 748” you are indirectly contributing towards achieving the above SDG goals.” said Mr. Ahmed Jibril, MIC Founder and Chairman 748 Air Services.

This charity group was created in honour of the memory of Mama Ibado Haji Osman, who dedicated her life to fighting poverty and the hardships experienced by many amongst her elderly peers and their families. She has left behind a legacy that continues to echo across the region to this very day.

Mama Ibado Charity donates annual supply of sanitary pads, under garments to a girls’ rescue center

Source: kenyagist