September 28, 2022

By Jerome Ogola

I hear the price of LPG has gone up. Sad. However, we who use msogoro to cook remain unaffected
I also hear the calling duration per minute or second has been slashed in line with new taxation rates. We will not be calling anyone, anymore

To convey greetings, we will be sending please call me thank you. When you receive that message, just respond with another please call me thank you

This is the only genuinely free thing. Primary and secondary education and other services you are told are provided for free are all paid for

In case of an emergency, we will be calling via WhatsApp. Even if the recipient of the call sounds like a Hague witness whose voice has been tampered with, to protect his identity, we will try our level best, to be audible

We can even climb a hill and light some fire, as our grandfathers did. We will not die because of increase call rates
Lastly, I read a post by Moses Kuria, admonishing president Kenyatta, on his Facebook page. I recalled that this is the same Moses Kuria, who threatened to circumcise all Luos, because they had refused to vote for that Kenyatta and it occured to me that indeed, this world is not our home

If you have voted for Uhuru thrice or four times and you complain of his ineptitude, then you are the problem and not any Kenyatta. You are mad, only that no one is telling you

The folly of swimming in euphoria and leaving your brains at home, while going to vote, only to collect them when you get back, to commence the now too familiar quinquennial cycle of lamentations
End of the morning rant. Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

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