February 2, 2023

Firebrand Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has been arrested.

Mr Nyoro who is a member of Tanga Tanga is accused of inciting youths at Gitui Catholic Church on Sunday to chase away leaders allied to Kieleweke team, which is closely associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Businesses came into standstill at the church when Mr Nyoro clashed with nominated MP Maina Kamanda over who should have been in charge of a fundraiser.

With Kamanda insisting that he was the chief guest for the event, Nyoro however insisted that he was the one mandated to invite guests at the function.

The two leaders clashed as their supporters joined in the tussle. The function was abruptly terminated after chaos persisted, forcing Kamanda and his team to leave.

Mr Nyoro is likely to be in problems with President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has in the past walked out from two functions when the MP was on the podium.

In June this year, Uhuru warned MPs from Mt Kenya engaging in early campaigns. He threatened to crush them should they fail to respect his government.

“They think that I am toothless. They are moving up and down politicking yet we have given them money to work. I will come and deal with them.”

While Nyoro is a staunch supporter of DP William Ruto, Kamanda on the other hand supports President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. He has been accusing Nyoro and the team of leading early campaigns.

However, details about his arrest remain scanty. The youthful MP works closely with Mt Kenya team that supports the DP. He is serving his first term.

But latest reports indicate that angry Kiharu locals freed Mr Nyoro from the hands of the police, after engaging the cops for several minutes.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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