May 28, 2022
Kenyans join TV personality Janet Mbugua in mourning Eric Gambi Guantai

By Janet Mbugua via fb

When we first met Eric Guantai Mugambi as a foundation, we asked our advocates why they care to advance human rights, particularly gender equality rights, I remember him rising, his tall form and laid back demeanor in contrast with his bold statements. That he grew up surrounded by women, raised alongside strong women, intent to normalize pushing for gender equality.

When we formed the #InuaDadaVoices, a youth-led program which is a mix of passion, talent, effort and so much energy to behold from this generation, he became one of our male advocates.

His passion and zeal were relentless and consistent. Yes, he admits that the conversations he would amplify around ending gender-based violence would often mean he would end up having to defend himself against naysayers.

When I would later ask him, during an interview about male allies, if it affected his morale, he said no, it only made him more determined to stand on the right side of history. That our program through my Inua Dada Foundation, validated his advocacy.

On June 26th 2021, at one of our landmark events as a foundation, I saw an emboldened version of Eric. He mentioned that he now had capacity, credibility and confidence…and that men are ready to use their power and privilege to stand with and for women. With Eric, it never felt contrived. It was genuine and organic. I truly believe he was going to go on to become a powerful voice in the space…but now we must say goodbye to him, just one week after he shared his wonderful testimonial.

We have lost a feminist, a Gender Equality advocate. A brother, a son, an amplifier. Let Eric’s life remind us that we must take up our spaces and stand on the right side of history. In the words of Martin Luther King, a quote that Eric mentioned many times, ‘In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’

Rest In Peace, Eric. We will not be silent, we will keep your passion and advocacy alive.

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Below are condolences from other Kenyans on Tweeter;

Kenyans join TV personality Janet Mbugua in mourning Eric Gambi Guantai


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