August 20, 2022

Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC @ahmednasirlaw says:
In any POLITICAL MURDER since 1963 if the killer is not arrested on the 3rd day of a murder incident..then just know that the victim was killed on the orders of the GOVERNMENT OF KENYA. In my humble & respectful submissions Sergeant Kenei was KILLED by the KENYAN…..(full it)

In the Rashid Echesa saga, note the WHITES involved weren’t murdered, the LUO “generals” weren’t murdered, the LUHYA involved was spared. Only a KALENJIN Sergeant was killed. Kenyans aren’t idiots. Isnt it obvious that the killers wanted to create nexus btw the murder & DP Ruto?

Dr. Miguna Miguna @MigunaMiguna says: If anyone else – even @WilliamsRuto
– had murdered Kipyegon Kenei, he would have been arrested in the most brutal way at night, publicly paraded like a trophy and hauled into court even at night or on a Sunday. By now, Ruto would have been impeached and removed. #RipKenei. When will @OleItumbi
‘s videotape or audiotape that captured Karanja Kibicho, Matiang’i, Munya and other Deep State conspirators plotting how to assassinate @WilliamsRuto
at the La Mada Hotel next to the NIS Headquarters be aired? Where is the @DCI_Kenya
and Kinoti? #uhurumustgo

Dennis Itumbi, HSC @OleItumbi says : @DCI_Kenya
has already told us,
1. There were THREE strangers in Kenei’s house
2. A @SafaricomPLC staff who helped delete data from Kenei’s phone.
Why is DCI sitting back & he has already established those facts?
Arrest the FOUR suspects.
Unless DCI was spreading rumours
This @DCI_Kenya aims for headlines, distortion and outright lies! Asante my boss for calling out DCI, their games, schemes and obvious narrative!

William Samoei Ruto, PhD @WilliamsRuto says:
The DCI has been mobilised,for political reasons,to discredit & destroy my office with all manner NONSENSE and to bring me down. Those in this scheme are boasting that I will not be there soon. Since the system cannot elect anybody, they can only kill. But there is GOD in heaven.

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