December 2, 2022
Jubilee mp humiliated, stoned and chased away

It was a dark day for Tarbaj MP, Ahmed Bashane, after he was stoned and jeered at by angry residents who rejected desks that he was distributing at Mansa Primary School.

Residents stated that the MP had neglected them and often favoured some individuals when it came to awarding contracts in the constituency as The Star reports.

The irate residents had to be calmed down by the National Police Reservists in Tarbaj, who shot in the air to disperse them after an attempt by the MP to calm them down failed.

A local leader in the area, Mude Hussein, stated that the MP never visited the area and rarely listened to residents’ problems.

“We only see you visiting other areas to initiate development projects and distributing bursary cheques,” the MP was told.

Bashane was quickly driven off the scene as residents threatened to burn a lorry that was carrying the items meant for donation.

In a similar incident that took place in June, Molo MP, Kimani Kuria, arrived at a function while drunk, angering area residents who threatened to rough him up.

The MP had been invited to the meeting that was aimed at discussing the illicit brews menace in the area.

According to witnesses, murmurs about his drunkenness were confirmed when he staggered after he was invited to the podium to address the congregation.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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