August 14, 2022

By Dennis Itumbi via FB
Tonight, Deep State and Jubilee Re-Loaded has started arresting everyone who financed, campaigned or helped campaign for UDA in Kiambaa…

1. By Noon tomorrow they will have arrested a friend who I will name after he is arraigned in court. They will arrest him in Nairobi and transport him to Western. I have already informed him accordingly. He played a very key logistical role in Kiambaa. He ran for a parliamentary seat in Nairobi in 2017. He was a strong second.

2. NEXT will be Mathira MP Hon. Rigathi Gachagua – They want him arrested on Friday, ” So that he spends the weekend in the cells” with the false hope that the move will break him.

3. Then they are coming for the Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau(HNIB) director on the flimsy grounds of running a Parallel Tallying Centre. Bad news for them, Tallying will happen in all remaining By- elections and during the General Elections, prepare more arrests and charges. That will NOT Stop anything. NONSENSE on bended High Heels!

4. Monday – Next week – Moses Kuria on trumped up charges on CDF.

This update is to tell Deep State we know their plan to the detail. Do Your Worst. We will not run away.

We are waiting for you.

If you want dear Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI give us a number we text you our location at every minute.

Hatutishiki. Vanity of Vanities….

Ujinga, Kifua na Madharau tutamaliza tu…

Itumbi reveals inhuman plans against hustler nation Cartels


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