August 12, 2022


A fascinating letter touching on the much-anticipated 2018 Fifa World Cup is making rounds in Kenya ahead of the first match scheduled on Thursday 14 June.

The letter seemingly penned down by a man is giving instructions to women on what should be expected at the home during the World cup season.

The man apologises in advance for not promptly replying to his lover’s text messages and also arriving home late.

“I hereby want to confess before Thursday that I might not be I a position to handle you and the world cup at the same time.

“Whenever I delay replying your text please forgive me, if I will not pick your call to forgive me as well. If I am going to get home late just know I will be from a game,” the missive reads.


Interesting World Cup letter goes viral in Kenya (Facebook)


The letter is a draft and Kenyan men on Twitter are encouraging each other to acquire it and direct to their girlfriends or wives before the games commence.

The Fifa Word Cup will take place in Russia and it is clearly a happy time for all football lovers.

Which team are you rooting for?

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