“I support UDA but on Langata Seat, JALANGO Tosha” – Top Ruto blogger Banana Peddler declares

“I support UDA but on Langata Seat, JALANGO Tosha” – Top Ruto blogger Banana Peddler declares

By Alberto Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

I support UDA but on Langata constituency, I will support Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango or Jalas. Having worked with Jalango sometimes back in Papa Shirandula where I was nicknamed AK-47, I can confirm here that besides being comedian, the man is a great leader. Sincerely, you cannot compare the current Member of Parliament with Jalas. The current is a flop.

DP Ruto William Ruto with his Blogger Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

Jalango is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions. His generosity and philanthropic tendencies clearly attests to his disciplined mind. Being the highly principled man he is, Jalango believes anything that is contrary to accountability is an exercise in futility. He belongs to the league of incorruptible leaders. He is a broad-minded man with an all-inclusive attitude to other people’s opinions.

The poor leadership exhibited by the current leadership in Langata is a strong indication that the constituency surgical operations through a credible leader like Jalango. For the people of Langata, Jalas is the beacon of hope. He is the quintessential man who can shape Langata for posterity and good governance. He is a true icon of inspiration.

Mheshimiwa Jalango is a peace loving man. The only language this bloke understands is that of peace. He is all encompassing. People love and esteem him for his venerability and generosity. His respect for the people borders on veneration. He accommodates people from all walks of life and treats them with respect. His character and disposition is worth mirroring. Despite being a former fisherman, hon Odiwuor is well read, profoundly astute and highly intelligent. He is equipped with a compendium of knowledge. His courteous background defines his personality.

Mheshimiwa Jalas is a unique leader. He possesses so many characteristics in common with great leaders who have transformed the world positively. Some of his traits include respect, humility and candor. According to philosophers, these attributes are the true litmus test of the past and current great leader.

Jalango is a great optimist who never loses hope. He always believes there is much hope for humanity. He possesses an unquenchable thirst and desire for everyone to live in a more peaceful and prosperous world. With tolerant people like Jalango at the helm, people who have tolerance and understanding of the less privileged, Langata will be a better place for all.

If the people of Langata want August 9, 2022 to forever remain august, they must vote for hon Felix Odiwuor aka Jalas. He is the only candidate who has displayed his pedigree with royal courage. He is too optimistic to be fearful, too determined to be defeated and too positive to be doubtful. He believes in the saying that the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

On August 9, 2022, the people of Langata must not go to sleep. They must insist that their votes must count. They must vote for Jalas because he has qualified as an honest man whose work is of reckon. He can be trusted with the people’s commonwealth because he has a brand to protect. The public can hold him to account any time.

Long story short, I want to readily confess here that Jalango is an anti-corruption crusader and a human rights activist. He fights for the progress of our country. He hates corruption. When he gets to parliament, he is ready to take on both the high and mighty in society when they catch the corruption bug. He always voices his opinion freely. He grants that every Kenyan inalienable rights to freedom of speech and expression.  He always strives to get his facts right before venturing to do anything. His arguments are never complete without buttressing them with facts and figures. This is the man that will change Langata Constituency for good and transform the lives of his people.

God bless Langata, God bless the incoming MP Mheshimiwa Felix Odiwuor Jalango

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(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)





“I support UDA but on Langata Seat, JALANGO Tosha” – Top Ruto blogger Banana Peddler declares

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