August 19, 2022

Senator MURKOMEN, E.G.H @kipmurkomen has hit out at Nation Media for characterizing him as a Ruto ally, the Elgeyo Marakwet senator was categorical in his tweet that he is not a Ruto stinky ash ‘licker’.

Dear @dailynation I reject your silly characterization. I have a name. I have a job. I am NOT an employee of the Deputy President. I don’t agree with him on everything even though I respect him as my Deputy Party Leader. Don’t involve me in your vicious war with the DP. – Read the tweet sent out by Murkomen.

The tweet by Murkomen is a testmony that slowly all the foot soldiers of the DP will desert him, there was abslotely no reason for Murkomen to come out so strongly and very personal at denying his tribal lord. It simply means the guy is only hanging at the DP for political reasons, he doesnt belief in Ruto and if possible he doesnt want to be associated with him !

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