February 2, 2023
Hon Ken Okoth’s lover Anita Thumbi earned the nomination, not a favour from Sonko, she worked for it

By Lydia Mathia via fb

I don’t know about what Sonko said but I know this about Hon Anita Thumbi … that when Government mooted the NYS Youth Empowerment Program and chose to kick it off in Kibera back in 2014, the youth community there had to be brought on board to help lift off and advance the project. Anita was one of the youth leaders that made it possible. Together with a few others like Moha Giro they led their peers for over two years in support of the initiative that delivered real transformation in the lives of over 3,500 young residents of the settlement. You may recall that at the exit of NYS from the area, roads, toilets, social halls among other amenities had been delivered and the youth had hundreds of millions in savings.

I also know that she slaved for the Jubilee party without much in the name of pay for many many months doing all kinds of tasks and pushing the agenda of the party.

So her nomination was one of the most deserved I can cite and whether others spoke in support to boost her chances and ranking on the party list doesn’t take away from her record of service, hard work, initiative and dedication.

Mwana mwega na wí kío dagaga múthabia.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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