December 4, 2022

  • Government through the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) will soon roll out a curriculum meant for parents.

    The Parental Digital Literacy Program (PaDiL) will teach parents on how to monitor children in a digital era.

    “The program will target parents and caregivers also aims at promoting responsible digital parenting and viewing practices among consumers of online content, especially children,” KFCB announced on November 23.

    A smartphone graphic showing different apps contained on a handset.
    A smartphone graphic showing different apps contained on a handset.

    “We recognize the need for parents to be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge on how to parent effectively in the digital age.

    “This includes handling tech savvy children and staying informed on the emerging risks,” KFCB CEO Chris Wambua noted while talking about the program.

    KFCB added that it was forced to come up with the program because parenting in an increasingly digital environment has become an uphill task for most parents and guardians.

    The move came after the Communication Authority (CA) stated that many children currently have access to phones.

    “Many children now have access to cell-phone technology and many parents use cell-hones as their main method of monitoring their movements and ensuring their safety,” a statement from CA reads.

    Apart from the new curriculum, KFCB also partnered with the Public Service Vehicles (PSV) operators and Saccos to make sure children do not access harmful content away from home.

    “To enhance measures on child protection from exposure to harmful content, KFCB in partnership with PSV operators and Saccos will create PSV Clean Awards,” Wambua announced.

    “The awards are meant to encourage public service vehicle operators to play appropriate content to ensure that children who use matatus are not exposed to adult material,” he expounded further.

    The awards campaign will be run through KFCB social media accounts for a span of 8 weeks.

    Members of the public will be asked to vote for PSV drivers and conductors exhibiting content that does not harm children.

    A pimped matatu on a highway in Kenya.
    A pimped matatu on a highway in Kenya.
  • Source: kENYANS.CO.KE

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