Gov. Sonko Overwhelmed on discharge of his COVID- 19 Patient admitted at Ruai Family Hospital.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko took the online world with praise after his critically ill employee got discharged from the reknown Ruai Family Hospital.

Currently the country is facing a new wave of COVID 19. Majority in the world happen to suffer the wrath of the Delta Variant with families struggling to get hospitalization into facilities with constant oxygen supply and premium competent care.

The cost of healthcare has significantly gone higher. Subsequently , COVID patients get overwhelming bills which has extensively impacted on families either forcing them to sell the long acquired assets and or engage in community borrowing and fundraisers to clear the bills.

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonkos worker got admitted in Ruai Family Hospital and spent over 7 days. Whereas the flamboyant governor had committed to settle the bill on admission: they got shocked over the favorably and friendly cumulative bill after a long battle with COVID in the wards.

This made Sonko set his foot online with thanksgiving and appreciation to the hospital which is very rare in most hospital cases upon discharge.

“ The devil is a liar. This is our staff Francis Wambua aliekuwa na COVID 19 and was in a very critical condition karibu atuache lakini MUNGU ni nani! Francis was just discharged from Ruai Family Hospital”. He said while making his exit from the Ruai facility.

Sonko then made his appeal to the masses to consider massive vaccination as it would be the only savior to the current COVID menace in the country. “ Watu wangu jichungeni sana. Muvaccinatiwe,muvae mask na muobserve all the MOH corona protocals”, he said.

This is after a long appeal from all the local leaders mobilizing for a massive vaccination.

Recently, the institution has gotten praises on its management of covid- 19 patients with positive outcomes opening it’s doors for more referral preferences by majority of the health service provider in Nairobi.

Source: kenyagist