February 2, 2023
Breaking: Court orders for the arrest of Gov. Nyong’o ,sister Risper Nyagoy

Two Members of the Kisumu County Assembly have filed notices of motion to impeach two county executives.

The MCAs on Monday tabled impeachment motions for; Finance Executive Nelly Achar and his colleague from the Sports and Tourism docket Achie Alai.

The motions were sponsored by budget committee chair Steve Owiti and member of the speaker’s panel Roy Samo respectively.

Samo termed the executives’ inability to implement the budget as the reason behind the motions, adding that Achar has failed to address issues of stalled projects included in the last budget.

He said the projects which are spread across the county have been funded, but remain incomplete.

“The major reason why we want the CECs to leave office is because they have been unable to implement the budget,” he said on Monday.

But the move has been faulted by county Director of Communications Alloyce Ager who argued that the projects cannot be completed all at once.

However, he noted that the MCAs are right in carrying out their oversight roles.

“It is just like pending bills. No government can complete pending bills of about Sh2 billion in one financial year,” said Ager.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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