January 29, 2023
By Kamau Mugo, May 23, 2022

Waithaka Macharia is his real name but many refer him as The Bulldozer.

He is a politician-cum-businessman.

He has vied many times without succeeding, mostly eyeing the Nyali parliamentary seat.

The man knows how to talk big. He knows how to overdo some issues. He knows how to tackle matters that cannot be solved among other members.

But are investigative authorities on his radar?

The suspect has swindled millions of shillings from people with the pretext of helping them.
Good example are some cases reported at Makupa, Nyali and Central police stations.

In all the cases, Waithaka is placed at the centre of a syndicate that obtains money from unsuspecting people.

“Yes we have several cases involving him. We are only waiting for the correct time. But our primary investigations indicates that he is a smart con,” said a police source.

Waithaka did not pick calls or respond to our texts.

Witnesses are willing to issue comprehensive statements over the con game.

The illiterate and desperate Waithaka today Monday called on members to attend to a meeting at a hotel in Mombasa town, he is allegedly working with some Mombasa county leaders with the aim of swindling a lot money from the County and other potential businessmen in Mombasa and Nairobi to make a political comeback.

Waithaka is also trying a do or die to make his way and align himself to statehouse officials so that he can have some brokerage powers to con people.

More details of the meeting to follow………..

Source: kenyagist

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