February 2, 2023


Former Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith has a new ride.

The booytful reality TV star is now the proud owner of a white Mercedes C200 Kompressor which matches beautifully with her husband’s Mercedes Benz Van.


Risper’s new ride (Instagram)


C200 (Instagram)


Car pundits estimate that a second hand Mercedes Benz Van can range between Ksh6.2 Million to Ksh1.3 Million depending on the car’s mileage and year of manufacture. Brian however disclosed that the car cost him a cool Ksh3.5 Million.


Risper and Brian by their Merc (buzzcentral)


A brief look at cheki.com shows that Risper’s Mercedes C200 can go from as high as Ksh2.5 Million to as low as Ksh850, 000 depending on whether it has been used locally or in foreign lands, the year of manufacture and mileage.


Though young, this is not the first time the couple has flexed their financial muscle, just last year, Brian Muiruri parted with Ksh2.5 Million as bride price for his wife.

When asked about her bride price Risper told Word Is “I wasn’t there for the negotiations so I wouldn’t know but he (Brian) told me 2.5 Million Kshs.”

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