January 29, 2023
BREAKING: Fake Jesus to be deported as CS Matiangi signs order

The government has moved with speed to deport a man who has been masquerading as Jesus in the country, a reliable source confirmed Interior CS Fred Matiangi has signed the deportation order.

On second thoughts, i take back all the jokes and insults i aimed at this Jesus. I have just read that Bible verse that says that he’ll come back unannounced ~ like a thief in the night ~ and couldn’t help but wonder. Where is it written that this is not the risen Christ, back on earth, in flesh and blood? I do not want to walk up to the gate into Heaven and after Angel Gabriel keys in my ‘Huduma Namba’ tilts the screen to show me a Facebook post where i referred to the King of the Jews as a conman when he showed up at Kitengela, Nairobi, Kenya.

In the same manner that i have lived all my Christian life with the wisdom that it is better to believe that God exists and later discover that He doesn’t, than to believe that He doesn’t and then discover on Judgement Day that He indeed does, i better play safe by believing that this is Christ and then discover that it ain’t Him, than to believe that it ain’t Him, and the discover on Judgement Day that He it indeed is Him.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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