September 28, 2022

By Gordon Opiyo

As usual, I never post anything without proof… And I have repeatedly stated that Ruto passionately hates the Luo and Luhyias O names…
Let me prove, with facts… Solid facts

1. Open discrimination in visits…. Based on newspaper reports, I have compiled the areas that Ruto has visited as DP since 2013
He has visited Kisii and Kuria areas 84 times…. He has visited Siaya 2 times, Kisumu 5 times (mainly visiting his Kalasinga Sugar Barons) Migori 4 times and Homa Bay 2 times…

Compared to Luhyia land, Coast and Central this is open discrimination….

2.As we speak, Ruto has received the Economic Plans from the Mt Kenya, Coast, North Rift, Western, and Kisii regions… He has not hidden his contempt for the Luo by refusing to visit Luo Nyanza to receive the Economic plan…

3. Ruai Land…. When he assumed power in 2013, he went to reclaim his grabbed land that was grabbed after Moi left power. The land initially grabbed by Renton in Ruai had both Luo and Mt Kenya settlements… But he only kicked out the Luo settlers in Ruai and never touched the Mt Kenya settlers who grabbed his grabbed land.

4. Public Service When he assumed power in 2013, he intentionally kicked out senior officials with O names. Several Luhyias with O names suffered after being mistaken for Luos. I have a long list across the Board that suffered from the ethnically motivated purge by Ruto..

5. Public Comments… By Ruto and his close Allies like Sudi, Aaron Cheruiyot, Cherugai and others show open disdain for the Luos…..
I can go on and on….

This attitude is fueled by the Moi and Kanu Era, where Luos were classified as “Adui” and Ruto is a classic Moi student….. Wacha Uhuru… Ruto ndiye Moi damu inside out……..

I know this does not change his popularity in any way, but let the Luo and Luhyia Nation just know that under Ruto, it will be kulia na kusaga meno….

Exposed: How DP Ruto hates Luo and Luhyia people, here is the evidence


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