August 11, 2022

By Dennis Itumbi via fb

Dear Equity Bank Kenya,

Lydiah has a story that you should solve by end of day for the sake of her Grandmother.

It is a story that started in 1991 and stands unresolved, I can only describe it as a painful, unfair and heartbreaking

Lydiah narrates;

My grandmother Lydia Wamae is one of the most loyal customers of Equity Bank.

She is among the few who saw the dream and grew with Equity, from those days when it was Equity Building Society.

As the receipts, (attached) show, she bought a piece of land through the bank at Githurai Kimbo.

Shee was operating from Karatina branch, that was in the early 90s.

0mY grandmother got a plot number and the whole land was to be subdivided, hers was an 1/8 of an acre.

After she finished paying for the land , she never got the Land or the Title.

Years passed and in the Late 90s she was still following up on the matter and there are documents showing her paying some amounts to the Commissioner Of Lands on the same land.

In 2004 she went to bank and got a loan from them using that land as security.

The fact that the bank accepted it as a security, confirmed that the land was legit.

Grandma repaid back the loan but still never got any title or possession of her land.

All she has had in her possession is copies of documents and receipts.

It has been a cat and mouse chase, when she could she tried to follow up the matter and was invited to offices in Nairobi but other than giving her 1k at one time to use as bus fare back home – nothing materialized.

My cousins and I have been trying to follow up on the issue.

I once wrote to Equity bank through their social media (Facebook) and was told to see a gentleman at their Muindi Mbingu branch who later referred me to a person at their Upperhill Office.

The person I saw there at their legal department explained that the land issue had gone to court and matter finalised and he would follow up on my grandmother’s case and call me.

I left both my contacts and hers but never heard from the guy.

From our experience following up this issue we concluded they just promise to follow up and call back but do not mean it and the bank has no will to compensate my cucu.

If my grandmother had the strength she would have taken a legal action but she is now in her 80s, her health is failing, old age is catching up,she has been diabetic for the last 15years,ý has arthritis.

A mention of Equity bank leaves a very bitter taste in her mouth, she has since closed her account

Sad. Share widely.

God Bless You all

Source: kenyagist.COM

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