November 29, 2022
Economist David Ndii insults Uhuru in vernacular over division of revenue

Economist David Ndii, on Thursday, told off President Uhuru Kenyatta for dismissing a request by governors to the national government to increase money allocated to counties.

He was responding to a tweet by Daily Nation that communicated the president’s message.

“President Kenyatta dismisses call by senators and governors for more revenue allocation to counties; says the government has no money,” read the tweet by Daily Nation.

In a reply, Ndii posted “Kaī ndūrīka īno īciragia mbeca ciothe nī cia Ngīna? The local daily translated to mean “Does this spoilt brat think that all the money belongs to his mother?”

The remarks sparked reactions from Kenyans who wondered why he had resorted to using abusive language to the president.

“I wonder what makes you stand out. Is it your level of ideology or your heightened level of disrespect? You can disagree with some maturity. Abusive language towards someone and mentioning their mother is despicable,” commented Veronica Wamuyu.

Lydia Kinyajui wondered why Ndii had to involve Uhuru’s mother in the insult.

While Robert Ndegwa didn’t agree with President Kenyatta’s stand, he corrected Ndii for disrespectful words.

“Dr Ndii, we know you don’t exactly admire Uhuru but a little politeness won’t harm you one tiddly bit,” he tweeted.

“Do what you want, call him names, tell how bad a person he is or whatever, just don’t involve one’s parents. As for you am disappointed for you no better than those politicians with a running mouth or is it for publicity?” wondered James Wanyoike.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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