December 4, 2022
DP Ruto’s project Mcdonald Mariga hired crowds to attend Kibra campaign rally

By Abraham Mutai via fb
I hate to dissapoint but about BRANDED CROWDS, some facts here for you. Weka matusi kando.

Most of the crowd is BRANDED with T-shirts and Jubilee regalia.

1. Branded crowds mean only one thing: There was a plan prior on how to get the material to all this people.

2. There was a strategy meeting. Infact there were team leaders who are tasked to distribute the T-shirts and kofias.

That’s why crowds normally arrive already branded.

3. In a strategy meeting, it means money was poured. Money for the regalia and money for those who will attend and for the strategy team leaders.

4. Therefore all factors held constant, below is a Paid crowd.

5. ODM crowds are mostly not paid crowd because 1. ODM is broke 2. They arrive with no branding. Just random people. 3. They are passionate and cheerful. These ones below look like they are forced to even smile.

The MacDonald Mariga Campaign

1. Either all these people were paid to attend the rally.

2. They attended on their own volition

3. They were shipped in from other parts of NAIROBI to create an impression and perception.

4. Crowds are not votes. We all have learnt so over time.

5. The people of Kibera are peaceful and they give a listening ear to anyone including William Ruto.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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